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an intentionally chosen wedding day that focuses on experiences and intimacy / a day for two people and their closest loved ones to spend the ultimate quality time together / a day filled with an adventure doing EXACTLY what the couple wants to do to kick off the start of the rest of their lives together


simply put, your elopement day is still your wedding day!

Getting married doesn't have to mean a big party. All a wedding really does is show the world and yourself that you're are committed to loving another person. And, straight up, no one has to witness that besides the two of you. So, give yourself the freedom to plan something smaller, more relaxed (but more exciting!).

Your elopement day should be spent doing what you want, with the people you want. And if you don't have loved ones joining you, then having your full elopement day story documented is an AMAZING way to share your joy with your family and friends after the day. They get to relive all the moments, beyond just photos of a ceremony. And you get to forever remember all those small, in-between snapshots of your wedding day, beginning to end.

Why eloping matters as much as any big wedding and why you deserve a full day experience.

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"Easy, fun, natural."

It's like being around a supportive friend who is constantly rooting for you. And in this case, encouraging your wildest wedding dreams!

That's right. I am HERE FOR YOU. To make sure you live your wedding day like you hopefully live your life, totally and unapologetically, authentically true to yourself. I want you to imagine a day that is so unique to you and your partner that you can't even fathom how you ever considered having a day that looks like every wedding you've been to before.

Are you ready to turn your wedding into the adventure to start a lifetime of adventures?

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What's included with every package...

hand-edited photos delivered through an online gallery

free, unlimited digital downloads of both full resolution + web optimized images

access to my personal, high quality print shop

a custom photo timeline for your day

vendor recommendation list

⫸ unique location recommendations

⫸ super in-depth eloping guide with so many details

sneak peaks within a week!

ability to add extra hours

option to add a second shooter

⫸ option to add another day adventure session

⫸ my personal travel covered

⫸ a new friend!

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Wondering what an all-day elopement even looks like?

11:30 am — getting ready photos of hair, makeup, last-minute writing of the vows, etc. (all the little details)

1:30 pm — have a private first look on the property of your AirBnB

2:30 pm — meet your handful of guests at a beautiful lodge with stunning views of the bay and have your ceremony (maybe getting so lucky that you catch a glimpse of a whale as you say your vows)

let me paint you a picture of what is possible...

3:30 pm — take a few group photos

4:00 pm — you and your partner head down to the beach for a quite moment and more intimate photos while your loved ones have drinks at the lodge

5:00 pm — a private boat arrives and picks everyone up for a little sea voyage and dinner on the water

8:00 pm — boat ride ends and you tell your friends goodbye for the evening

8:30 pm — you and your partner are off to enjoy a helicopter ride! And wowza the sweeping views from above are spectacular, but then we land on a glacier! You have a first dance with icebergs floating by you and are so amazed as we explore this other worldly landscape

11:00 pm — the Alaskan sun is finally set and you make a fire back at your AirBnb, eating s’mores as you celebrate the most amazing day

Your Elopement Package options

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You're getting married on a remote beach in a country you've never been to. You wake up on the morning of your elopement day and step outside your cliffside cabin overlooking the ocean. You hear the waves crashing against the shore, you feel the warm sunrise on your face. You hear the birds flapping their wings as they search the shallows for fish. You taste the salty air. You wake your partner and feel their warm touch. And that's just the beginning. Your wedding day is here.

A Wedding Like No Other.

You're getting married at a cozy cabin deep in the woods. You and your partner wake up to the sound of rain and look up at the skylight above your bed, seeing the drizzle running down the glass. You look at one another and smile. It's your wedding day and even if the rain is here to stay, it doesn't matter because it's still the perfect place and moment in time for the two of you to show and share your love with one another and the close friends + family, who are in the next room preparing a gourmet breakfast for everyone. What a way to start your wedding!

A Meaningful & immersive experience.

You're getting married on a mountaintop. It's still dark as you drive to the trailhead. You put on headlamps and make sure your bag is fully packed with your wedding attire + favorite snacks. A bottle of champagne is tucked in to the side. The crisp morning air feels invigorating as you start to hike, hearing only your footsteps and your heart beat. You look up and see the last faint glimmer of stars. Not long now until the light starts to really shine and you'll stop and say your vows with no one but peaks as witness (oh and Isabelle, of course!).

Anywhere in the USA Elopement Package

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Anywhere in Colorado Elopement Package

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What's included:

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Adventure Sessions


Meant for couples (married or not) who want to document their love with a fun adventure. These hours together can be used for anniversary, engagement, or simply "just because" photos. What we do together is up to you, but feel free to dream big! We can hike or do whatever adventuring means to you. Just be prepared to have a dang good time!

what's Included:

• 2 hours photo coverage

• customized location + activity guidance and research
• full-resolution digital image files with printing rights
• online gallery to view, download, print, and share worldwide

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Are packages customizable?

What is an adventure session?

Think engagements, anniversaries, post-wedding day portraits, or just-because photoshoots. Adventure sessions last a couple of hours. We can hike a couple of miles, explore a couple of nearby locations, or really do whatever you want in the time frame. Just please note that I do not book elopements as adventure sessions - your wedding day deserves more time and planning than that!

I generally book weddings up to a year in advance. Couples usually reach out 6-10 months in advance. However, I have booked elopements just a few weeks out and they ended up being amazing! So, I'd be happy to hear from you no matter how last-minute your planning is. Check out my current posted travel schedule to see where I am.

In short, no. I no longer book weddings that have more than 50 guests. I wholeheartedly believe every couple should get married however they want, but my passion lies with documenting elopements and intimate weddings.

We're awkward. We don't take good photos.

If only you knew how many couples think this... Let me tell you something: you are beautiful and I promise, you ARE photogenic. My process is a very laidback, documentary style approach. Sometimes you may even forget I'm there. When we are specifically taking portraits, I'll prompt you to interact with each other so that I can capture movement and genuine emotion. But otherwise, we'll spend the day exploring and making memories, and I'll be there to capture all those natural, candid moments.

What happens if the weather is bad?

In my experience, moody weather can often equal the most unbelievably stunning photos. But I am also willing to pivot plans and locations last minute if things look too dire. I'll be ready with backup plan after backup plan so you don't have to worry! Wherever you end up saying your vows will be beautiful, I promise.

What is your editing style?

My editing is inspired by film and is based on true-to-life-coloring. I aim to deliver images that will not look "dated" years from now and instead, truly represent what the moment looked like. I've chosen to edit this way because I know you most likely you chose your location based on it's beauty. Wouldn't it be a disservice to change the look of that landscape in the photos?

How many photos will we receive?

Since every wedding and day looks different, I don't promise an exact number. But I typically deliver around 40-60 photos per hour booked. I shoot more than a thousand images per full wedding day and then go through and pick the very best ones to edit. I am always happy to send over examples of full galleries if you want.

Do we have to hike?

Nope! Some couples want to hike, others don't. There are tons of stunning views that don't require any hiking, although the more secluded spots are usually harder to reach (but that can also be done other ways - by helicopter, for example). If you do dream of hiking on your elopement day, there are different ways to do so in wedding attire. You can embrace the dirt and pair your dress with hiking boots or you can pack your clothes in a backpack and get changed just before you say your vows.

What gear do you use and how many years have you been doing this?

Although I believe a camera is merely a tool for an artist to use to create imagery, it is definitely important to have the right professional gear. I shoot with two full-frame Nikon D750 cameras and a variety of Sigma + Nikon lenses. My current favorite lenses are the Sigma Art 35mm and Nikon 85mm 1.4G. I have been shooting weddings since 2016, but I found my love for elopements when I was planning my own intimate wedding in 2019.

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Want to know more on how to start planning?

View guide

Read my guide that goes in-depth into the process, covering all the steps you should take and things you should consider when deciding how to craft your elopement day!

First and foremost, contact me and let's get talking! We can set up phone call, video chat, or just communicate by email if you're shy.



The good stuff! I offer full planning services, meaning I'll provide in-depth location scouting, permitting help, vendor recommendations, activity ideas, timeline guidance. and basically anything else you can think of that has to do with your wedding day. I'll do it all except actually book things for you :)


WEDDING DAY! You get married and have the best time ever, and I am there to capture every awesome moment of it.


At last, you see your wedding photos! You are transported back to that day you got married and are happy knowing it was exactly how you wanted.


let's be friends!