I get it. Planning even a small wedding can sometimes feel overwhelming and like a lot of hard work... I've been there myself.

Let me help you

To begin, I've created some awesome elopement resources and guides to give you ideas and concrete steps to get planning. Wondering exactly how to elope? Why you should elope? Where in the world to elope? How much it costs to elope? How to be sustainable? Well, good news, these are some of the many questions I address in posts below!


Elopement Resources

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How to elope

Unsure where to even begin when it comes to planning your elopement day? I've written a list of 10 easy steps to get you started in the planning process and to get you on your way to the wedding day of your dreams. Everything from what to consider to questions to ask yourself when deciding on the details. This thorough checklist and detailed elopement resource is based on my experience of helping many, many other couples elope and the process I took when planning my very own destination elopement.

Click below to read the detailed steps and to start dreaming up your own perfect wedding journey.

5 steps to elope

craft an unforgettable day and document it to remember it fully.

Every wedding day deserves a story: those seconds in time captured forever on images.

If there is one thing you should invest in for your elopement day, make it photography. There's no going back to that moment you say "I do". Only photographs and your own memories can recreate that instant for you. And photographs enhance and keep the memory vivid.

Step 1: Choose Your Perfect Destination (or general location) + pick a date

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Step 2: hire me to photograph your love